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16 Tips and strategies Futsal

Futsal looks like a simple game. But in fact a simple play is not easy. It takes a high level of pehaman and techniques to create a simple yet beautiful earliest known.

Fortunately, a growing and increasingly began to futsal popular people of the world. So it appears a lot of people  people with understanding high futsal competent in sharing knowledge about futsal. As many as 25 tips that will you guys read it later is a combination strategy of the player  player of the elite and experienced trainers.

16 Tips and strategies Futsal

The following 16 tips and strategies that will help you understand the futsal, and improve your skills.

Attacking tips

1. use the width of the field. Players who act as flank must be meticulously exploresa side of the field, in order to maximize the width of the field.

2. The principle of 3 seconds. Players must keep moving without the ball people. When the team attack do not silence the same place without the ball more than 3 seconds. So the total in the game for 40 minutes, you will master the ball for 4 minutes and without the ball for 36 minutes.

3. Search space. By the way check out then inhabit spaces that were created or abandoned teammates.

4. Players who colonised the ball as much as possible approached the opposing players. It aims to get past an opponent or forcing the opponent backwards from the increasingly remote. Players moving without the ball away from the opponent, so that more and more choice of passing and creating space.

5. give support to the player controlling the ball. Sometimes the support given by moving closer. On the other mejauh moving from the player who controlled the ball.The goal is to build the flow passing with teammates.

6. don't lose sight to the ball and controlling the ball. Not a problem when you move but the friends you guys that people don't see the ball movement.

7. Oper and moving. This is the basic motto in playing futsal. Paramount is confident in taking the decision to move.

16 Tips and strategies Futsal

8. Be kind to give passing. A match is won by the team that scored, not by the player who scored a goal. This relates to teamwork, where you grow the trust of teammates with his passing.

9. Futsal is a sport for a liar. A reliable player capable of troubling opponents with making outwit the time passing. Able to make pegerakan to escape from view. That way you will get a good position to receive a pass.

10. don't do that passing is seen clearly opposed. As you will be doing a passing, then your opponent will predict the direction passing through the direction of the eyes. For that you need to make a false view of the opponent so that it is difficult to predict the direction of passing.

11. Take care when placing passing side to side. You need to take care when people control the ball  in the area of a circle of this area, a penalty is a dangerous area. Don't do passing from one side to the other side, because it is a risky cut and worse opponent team goal you will concede.

12. Do passing with hard and measurable. Hard and accurate passing will be difficult for the opponent, and the anticipated easing teammates to receive the ball.

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13. Principle 5 passing. Patience is often a deciding factor in futsal. When the condition of your opponent do the remote areas, often hasty players  gesa in release passing. In a situation like this, you can do at least 5 times before passing melepasakan shot kegawang to dismantle an opponent's defense.

14. A goalkeeper as a regulator of tempo. The role of a goalkeeper in futsal not only as a safety net, moreover, it can play a role in regulating the tempo of the game. The team left behind a goalkeeper must act quickly when the ball is in control. When the condition of the superior team, goalkeeper lose tempo by doing throw safe andmenbuang time

15. do not perform dribbling past an opponent when you debuted as the last person. Because if you fail to pass the opponent will then created a situation 1 vs 1 with goalkeeper.

16. Do the finishing touch with shooting hard. Shooting is weak it will be easy for anticipated by the goalkeeper and change the situation becomes dangerous counterattack goal.

That's some useful tips when attacking, as well as carrying out both article 25 tips and strategies in futsal part 1.

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