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Bad record-Threatening Man United at the headquarters of Swansea

Mesut Oezil (28) is being discussed because of the impressive appear warm at the start of the season at Arsenal. An attacking midfielder of origin Germany it could be Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp a new one if extended his contract.

Arsenal enjoyed a positive appearance Mesut Oezil who affect the achievement of the Club. He has scored 7 goals in 13 matches in various races of this season.

Five goals of which were born at the last Party 5. Because of the sharpness of it, no longer mere Oezil identified as good assists, but also productive gedor interpreter.

"The difference is now with Oezil him more focus on efficiency. I realize he's an excellent finisher. Oezil finishing opportunities such as murderers, "said Manager Arsene Wenger on the Club's website.

Oezil growing capability and is getting full, Wenger saw he had in common with Nicolaas Bergkamp, uniformed club Arsenal legends in 1993-1995.

Bad record-Threatening Man United at the headquarters of Swansea

Wenger assess Oezil could continue in the footsteps of Nicolaas Bergkamp as the legend, as long as it is committed to the Club by extending his contract. Currently, Oezil still tied until 2018.

"Nicolaas Bergkamp is committed to Arsenal for a long time. He played here until 38 years. I hope we still have 10 more years Oezil. To become a legend, you have to last a long time, not two years, "said Wenger.

67-year-old senior coach that seemed to worry about losing the services of Oezil. Understandably, the media United Kingdom are heavily spread rumors about up Oezil moved to other clubs.

Manchester United, Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, until his club on 2010-2013, RealMadrid, comes to the surface.

Oezil was recruited from Real Madrid in 2013 with the status of the most expensive player of Germany at that time costing 42.5 million pounds ($ 698 billion).

For the Manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino, the moment his teamdisalip Arsenal in the Premier League standings last season left the heartache. The two teams would play in the derbi meets North London, Sunday (6/2/2016).

Pochettino, 44 years old, has always haunted memories of a bad finish in bottom ofArsenal on the final Premier League standings 2015-2016.

Bad record-Threatening Man United at the headquarters of Swansea

Until the weekend to-35, Tottenham still in the runner-up position with 69 points-5pieces on top of Arsenal.

It's a shame for Spurs, their sequence of bad results in the ultimate trilaga and rocketing The Gunners leads the turn position.

Subsequently, Tottenham held down Chelsea 2-2, as well as Southampton took 1-2and Newcastle United 1-5!

Ahead of the meeting this weekend, Tottenham again was under the Arsenal.

The Spurs were down to the 5th ranking result recorded score series in 3 of the lastparty, while Arsenal are in the seats and the runner-up just lost goal difference fromtop team, Manchester City.

"Yes, we have problems to create opportunities or sharpness in front of goal. It's allabout balance. After the disappointed last season, we've got another chance right now. We just look at what's going to happen, "said Pochettino.

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The victory became dead to the price when Manchester United visited to Swansea in Premier League advanced 2016-2017, Sunday (6/2/2016). Failure to grab the three points would affect record is bad for them.

Conditions for United in the League at this time could not be considered good. Newwin 4 times out of 10 matches, Wayne Rooney dkk stranded in the 8th rank standings by gaining 15 points.

If United failed to bring home a victory from the Liberty Stadium, Swansea headquarters, the official Red Devils record lowest points in this phase all their participation in the Premier League.

The lowest points ever earned a United Party in 11 League is 16. The moment occurs at the season 2014-2015 under the control of Louis van Gaal reacted.

Bad record-Threatening Man United at the headquarters of Swansea

Victory over Swansea is not just important for United, but also for Jose Mourinho ascoach.

2015-2016 season, Mourinho brought Chelsea just scooped 11 points from 11 of the first party of Premier League. This record is the worst in the history of The Blues.

So, now there is no other choice for Mourinho in addition urged his troops in order to seize the 3 points from Swansea. The skipper certainly does not want to touch the nadir twice in a row.

Just got a little problem, Mourinho. Former speaker of the tactics that Real Madrid are not allowed on the side of the field following the sentencing of the United Kingdom due to Football Federation said disrespectful to the referee when United againstBurnley.

Without anyone on the sidelines, Mourinho brought mampukah United towards victory and escape from a bad record? Ought to be anticipated.

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