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Evra: the real Juventus has not returned

Patrice Evra (34) says that the current strength of the real Juventus still has not appeared. He said that this is normal after a major change in the squad at the start of the season 2015-2016.

At the end of the 2014-2015, Juventus lost a crucial figure in the team such as Carlos Tevez, Andera Pirlo, and Arturo Vidal.

Instead, the Bianconeri bring many players, among them Mario Mandzukic, Paulo Dybala, Simone Zaza, Alex Sandro, Juan Cuadrado, Hernanes, and Mario Lemina.

This makes the appearance of Juventus changed drastically. In addition coach Massimiliano Allegri also certainly requires time to bring together the members of the new with the old.

Evra: the real Juventus has not returned

"I believe to his teammates and the club that we can do something big. However, we also must not forget that the real Arsenal yet again, due to the original Juve was able to win the League, "said Evra to Sky Italy.

After briefly slumped early in the season, Juventus managed to rise now and be in position four standings with seven wins in a row incised in Serie a.

"People had a chance to speak that it is very normal for us not to have a good starton the season. However, now they all say that we are the favourites, "called Evra.

"But it doesn't change anything. Our goal remains the same and until now we haven't done anything yet, "said the former Manchester United player was.

Hellas Verona, striker Luca Toni, claimed to have not thought about the chances back Italy national team in Euro 2016.

Toni already never again receive a call and appeared to defend Italy national team since Gli Azzurri being held goalless by Bulgaria in the World Cup 2010 qualifying round on October 12, 2008. Although the time pemainberusia 38 that year is still a mainstay of Bayern Munich.

However, his performances are fairly consistent and sharply since the start of the season on the defense of Verona 2013-2014 have again opened up the opportunitiesToni perform with Italy national team. Even last season's original cast assisted Modena capable of being pemuncak tersubur Serie A players list along with Mauro Icardiwith 22 goals.

Evra: the real Juventus has not returned

However, Toni claimed to have not yet begun to think about it. He still wanted to focus salvage Verona who until the weekend of the 17th were still at the bottom of the standings to avoid the threat of relegation at the end of the season.

"The national team?. My greatest expectation at the moment is to ensure the safety of Verona, so we just look at it later. Surely if the later was not called, I will still provide support for the national team, "said Toni to Sky Italy.

Until the weekend, Toni has also scored three goals and made Verona hasn't been able to win one match in Serie A this season. However, Toni remains optimistic could save I Butei.

"We have so much enthusiasm. We must continue to try to save themselves. Let's see if later there were players who would appear to be the saviour of us or not, "said 38-year-old player was.

Coach Sassuolo, Eusebio Di Francesco, denied the news circulating about the sale ofstriker Domenico Berardi to Premier League clubs, Tottenham Hotspur.

When Serie A Italy Central holiday year-end, Berardi made the trip to London. This triggered rumors that the 21-year-old striker will leave it to the former Tottenham showed interest in him.

Tottenham was once rumored to be ready to redeem Berardi at a price of 30 million euros ($ 451 billion). However, the Spurs have to contend with Juventus who have the option of purchasing back in the summer of 2016.

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"Berardi to Tottenham? The Club thus said instead, "said Italy's Francesco to the Sky.

"He is going to London, it is true, but only for a holiday. I've talked to him and he said all (gossip) that's not true, "sebutnya.

However, In Francesco doesn't close possibility that Berardi will leave. All those things can happen quickly in the world of football.

"I'm very comfortable with the conditions that exist at the moment, despite the surprise will always appear in football. We could always prove wrong everything is, "saidDi Francesco.

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