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Flashback 2015: Juventus Italy King

Paul Pogba's agent, Mino Raiola, denied speculation that mention that Barcelona isthe Club's priority his client in the future.

Pogba the new Juventus contract will expire in June 2019. However, a number of bigEuropean clubs, such as Barcelona, Manchester City, Chelsea and is rumored ready acquired Pogba.

During this time, a third of the Club pengincar Pogba above Barcelona, touted as the most likely big clubs get the signatures of France players aged 22 years.

In fact, last summer, Barcelona reportedly had offered a fee of 80 million euros for Pogba, although the proposal reportedly getting rejections from Juventus.

Flashback 2015: Juventus Italy King

However, all the speculation that's contradicted by the agent. According to Raiola, Juventus stay Pogba career priorities.

"If Barcelona is leading the Club recruit Pogba? The team that is in the forefront is Juventus. Pogba had strong relationships with Juventus, "said Raiola, as quoted fromTuttosport, Thursday (31/12/2015).

"Pogba was the type of man who was thinking of something involving his heart. She was not the right time to go from Juventus in the summer, and the decision was correct, "said Raiola.

Raiola added, when this season ends, a number of big clubs will surely return to seduce Pogba to leave Juventus. However, any decision will come back to the Club andthe player.

"I think that the 100 million euro cash is not enough to hook the Pogba. However, it depends from Andrea Agnelli (Juventus President). He continued to develop as a player, and the price will certainly increase, "said Raiola.

Pogba came to Juventus from Manchester United in August 2012, with the status of a free transfer.

Along with The Great Hostess, Pogba was already performing as many as 153 matches in the entire competition, incised with 28 goals.

In addition, successful delivering Pogba Juventus grabbed three Scudetto, two Supercoppa Italiana, Cup and one Coppa Italy.

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Flashback 2015: Juventus Italy King

Juventus show themselves as one of the best teams in Europe. Not only are they untouched at the domestic level, they are also hard to beat in European club competition.

The appointment of Massimiliano Allegri as substitute Antonio Conte, who went just two days before the pramusim begins, presents a variety of reactions.

However, Allegri instead do things that cannot be done using the predecessor, the team that a majority is still the default Conte!

On the season, Juventus almost grabbed a treble. The only failure is when unable tobeat Barcelona in the Champions League final. His team leads the Allegri won Serie A and the Coppa Italy.

Allegri change approach with make Juventus more offensive without removing power lines behind it. In Europe, but Massimiliano Allegri dare leave the system 3-5-2.

The choice Must fall to 4-3-1-2. Usually, Roberto Pereyra or Arturo Vidal who playsas an attacking midfielder behind two bombers.

The four system Defender it is also often used in Serie A with a combination of system 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-3.

Flashback 2015: Juventus Italy King

Juventus in Serie A is still too strong. Just look at the distance of 5 figures with AS Roma which was two. In fact, I Lupi expected could be a serious challenger to make Juventus.

The status of the Roma had run well early in the season. However, starting in October were strongly inconsistent performance continued. The barrage of bad outcomesin 2015 confirms Rome has not experienced the progression from the previous season.

There are many things that make Rome failed to fulfill its potential. Injury, left top players, as well as a duty to perform in the Champions League and mentally draining the players. Napoli also failed to disrupt the pace of Juventus due to a similar problem.

In General, there are statistics that show the Serie A is not a boring League. Serie A 2014-2015 collect 1,024 goals or an average 2.72 goal per party!

Total goals it is the highest among the five top European leagues: La Liga (2,66), Premier League (2.57), Ligue 1 (2.49), and Bundesliga (2,66).

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