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Mihajlovic asked for 2 players, Hesitant Galliani

AC Milan's coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic, is hoping his team can recruit Alessio Romagnoli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Alas, his request would not necessarily realized by CEO Adriano Galliani.

AC Milan's coach, Sinisa Mihajlovic, expecting the arrival of Alessio Romagnoli and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the summer transfers. However, CEO Adriano Galliani does notgive a warranty.

Romagnoli is constantly linked with the Rossoneri I throughout the summer. Milan Channel reported some time ago, Milan has cast a bid worth 22 million euros. However, AS Roma reject the proposal.

Similarly, with Ibrahimovic. Milan is rumored to have been wooing so Ibrahimovic break his contract along with Paris Saint-Germain.

The desire of the both players against Milan back in control by Mihajlovic. "Of course, we focus to Romagnoli. I need a left-footed player who already know taktikl me,"she said at a press conference ahead of the Audi Cup, Monday (3/8/2015) local time.

Mihajlovic asked for 2 players, Hesitant Galliani

"If Ibrahimovic is coming, we will be a serious candidate to win the Scudetto. He is aplayer who could change the balance of the team, "added Mihajlovic.

Ronaldo takes part on the other questions surrounding the development of the transfer of AC Milan. He claimed to be still waiting situation until 23 August 2015.

According to Galliani, Milan not in big trouble if it fails to recruit Romagnoli. "We already have five strong central defender," he said.

While related Ibrahimovic, Galliani said, "Ibrahimovic leaves a one-year contract with PSG. There has been no indication until now. However, we see only. "

Juventus cancel proposal Julian Draxler. I was not able to pay the Bianconeri transfer value has been pegged Schalke over the 21-year-old winger, that amounted to 30 million euros, or 443.2 billion rupiah.

Instead, Juventus now focus to bring Mario Goetze to Turin. Midfielder belongs to Bayern Munich was rumored to have not needed by coach Josep Guardiola FC Hollywood.

Mihajlovic asked for 2 players, Hesitant Galliani

In some occasions had expressed the desire to Goetze graze outside Germany. He has also praised Juventus.

"I think the success of Juventus reached the final of the UEFA Champions League last year, is not a mere coincidence. They are indeed performing incredible, "praise footballer birth 3 June 1992.

But the selling price Goetze was also not cheap. According to the website of Football Italy, Juventus will have to pay at least 20 million euros (295.5 billion dollars) to recruit Goetze.

In March 2015, Germany football legend Franz Beckenbauer, said Sami Khedira is not useful for any team because of injury prone. Statement of Der Kaiser seems to beapproaching reality.

Playing with his new Club, Juventus strengthened, against Marseille, Saturday (1/8),Khedira Sturaro Stefano should be replaced in the 25th minute because of a problem in the hamstring.

On Monday (3/8), Juventus announced on the official website that this should be Germany national team midfielder absent defending Juventus for two months.

The injury indeed become familiar with Khedira, especially after he suffered a severeknee ligament injury in November 2013. Because of the injury, Khedira, then strengthen Real Madrid should be absent for about six months.

Since that time, Khedira is many times an injury that made him rarely play. In 2014/15, he is just playing 11 times for Madrid in which only three times Khedira appears as a starter.

Mihajlovic asked for 2 players, Hesitant Galliani

My older siblings while the agent Dismisses Gonzalo, Nicolas 2, confirm that his sister had already rejected the offer of a contract extension from Naples. 2-decide to keep living the previous contract bond which expires on 2018.

The continuity of the future Gonzalo Dismisses in Naples had doubted after Rafael Benitez hengkangnya to Real Madrid. In addition, also because of the scorn of fan of Naples after he failed to score a goal in the penalty shootout in the final Copa America 2015.

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2-also mentioned being the target of some elite club of players in Europe. Among them are Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

"We have a meeting with President Aurelio De Laurentiis in Venice 10 days ago. Wetalk about everything. He was offered a one-year contract extension. However, we will forward the ties the previous contract ended at 2018.0, "said Nicolas.

"I think we will not accept an offer from the President because the contract offered is no different with our previous sign. So, we created it was not a real bid. We continue with the current state of calm and happy, "said he.

"Currently we believe Gonzalo will remain at Napoli, the team 100 percent focus and win something. There has been no contract from a big team, I am also not yet in talks with anyone, "he said.

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