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Insigne Delighted PSG draw Interest, but ...

Agent Lorenzo Insigne, Antonio Ottaiano, stated that his client was flattered by interest from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Arsenal. However, Insigne are believed to stay focused against Napoli.

Insigne shows impressive appearance along with Napoli in the summer of 2016-2016. He contributed eight goals and six assists in 20 matches all the competition.

The brilliance of Insigne make PSG and Barcelona has. PSG reported finding a substitute Ezequiel Lavezzi's figure, while Arsenal projecting Insigne to fill the post of the old absence of Santi Cazorla due to injury.

Related attraction to both clubs, Ottaiano stated, "we enjoy news of interest from PSG and Arsenal. They are the top two clubs of the world. "

Insigne Delighted PSG draw Interest, but ...

Word that the agencies could not then mean Insigne intends to leave. The 24-year-old performer claimed to feel happy with the achievements of the Napoli this season.

"Insigne focus to Naples and want to win every game. Naples undergoing great season and compete in the front on every event, "Ottaiano said.

Currently, Naples occupied the third position of the Serie A standings with a collection of 35 points or be embedded one number with Inter Milan. With regard to the Europa League, Napoli striker meets Villarreal in the round of 32 is large.

The attackers Sevilla, Fernando Llorente, claimed that he was not eager to leave Juventus on stock transfer summer 2015.

Llorente join Juventus from Athletic Bilbao in 2013, with the status of a free transfer.During his time in Turin, Llorente scored 27 goals in 92 matches in the entire competition.

He is also credited with delivering Juventus picked up two Serie A titles, one CoppaItaly, and two Supercoppa Italiana.

However, the arrival of Mario Mandzukic from Atletico Madrid in July 2015, makingthe number of bombers in Juventus swell. Llorente finally invited to Seville.

Insigne Delighted PSG draw Interest, but ...

"I am sorry to have to leave Juventus. I feel happy in Turin. If the decision is in the hands of me and I get confidence, maybe I will survive, "said Llorente told Tuttosport, Wednesday (30/12/2015).

"A club like Juventus it's just few in number in the world. I don't feel lost in competition with Mandzukic, though we're talking about a top striker, "said 30-year-old Spain players were.

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Lately, it appears the rumors mentioned that Llorente returned to Italy with a chance to join Inter Milan in January 2016.

"Now, if I think that rumor, I really can't imagine a career in Italy with costumes in addition to Juventus," said Llorente explains.

"However, you all know how our world works. In football, everything could have happened, "he said.

The Inter Milan striker Stevan Jovetic,, dismissed the issue of disagreement betweenhimself with captain Mauro Icardi. In fact, Jovetic praised Icardi as great players.

Comment Jovetic leveled towards the party of trial against Paris Saint-Germain in the stadium Jassim Bin Hamad, DohaFriday (30/1/2015).

Insigne Delighted PSG draw Interest, but ...

"I have no problem with Icardi both inside and outside the field. He is a great playerand a great figure, "Jovetic said.

Eleven out of a total 23 goals to Inter Milan in the Serie A was created by Icardi andJovetic. However, both players are rarely handed down together because it is considered to have a high ego.

The note encourages Jovetic to correct combination with Icardi on the field.

"We did not often play together. However, we can develop more and will do so until the end of the season, "he said.

So far, Jovetic and Icardi becoming a contributor to most goals for Inter in the Seriea. Jovetic scored four goals, while the Icardi seven goals.

Paris Saint-Germain coach, Laurent Blanc (50), he expressed readiness to discuss the future of one of the pilarnya, Ezequiel Lavezzi's (30), with Inter Milan.

"I am ready. The transfer market is always the same. In Italy you speak of France and in France players discusses Italy players, "said Blanc in Italy Football page.

PSG and Inter will play on Wednesday (30/12/2015) at 19.30 United Kingdom time, in a match in the stadium of friendship Jassim Bin Hamad, Qatar.

Allenatore Inter, Roberto Mancini (51), reveals that he will confer with Blanc about Lavezzi's after the game.

Blanc also foster talk about fate of goalkeeper Les Parisiens, Salvatore Sirigu (28), which is the target AS Roma players.

"Salvatore did not approach the end of the contract and there are no other playerswhich expired in January," said guy named Laurent Robert Blanc was complete.

"He didn't ask me anything. Her situation is difficult. I really hope he can improve its performance, "he said again.

Former speaker of France's national team tactics it was confirmed that he did not like the stock transfer of the winter.

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