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7 of the best Winter Transfer in the history of Premier League

Stretching winter transfer stock 2017 in the Premier League ended on January 31,. A few clubs managed to bring in new players to improve their performance in the second half of the competition.

On the Exchange, the transfer of this time, the Club's top Premier League looks not so keen to bring in new players. Chelsea and Manchester United, thus removing some of their players who were considered surplus. The biggest surprise thus come from the Club mid-table and the bottom Board is eager to improve on their performances in the second half of the season.

Stock transfer winter comes as a solution to improve performance or add ammunition a club who compete in the tracks. Not least the newer players would go home failed to provide a positive contribution, but also not a few who succeed to become one of the legends of the Club.

7 of the best Winter Transfer in the history of Premier League

Luis Suarez is the proof of jitunya decision of Liverpool in the January transfer period. Similar success never felt Manchester United's Patrice Evra and hauled kala Nemanja Vidic constantly to Old Trafford.

Not only are the two giant clubs of the Premier League. Medioker clubs never profited through stock transfer winter. For example, the Everton recruit when Mikel Artetafrom Real Sociedad and Bolton Wanderers to avoid Premier League relegation threat thanks to Daniel Sturridge.

The following 7 of the best winter transfer in the history of the Premier League:

1. Luis Suarez (Ajax Amsterdam to Liverpool, January 2011)
Luis Suarez became a substitute for Fernando Torres at Liverpool that QPR to Chelsea in January 2011. Uruguay national team bombers that were carried off from Ajax Amsterdam with is 22.5 million pounds ($ 325 billion).

Suarez initially had difficulty in adapting to the Premier League in its inaugural season with Liverpool. He only scored four goals and five assists in 13 League appearances. After that, apart from his controversy in the field of green, Suarez remains the object of front-line Liverpool. He became the top scorer with 31 goals and help The Reds became runner up Premier League season 2013-2014.

Alas, Liverpool could not afford to defend Suarez from on Barcelona. As a result, the player nicknamed El Pistolero that migrated to the Camp Nou with a dowry of 70 million pounds ($ 1.2 trillion) in the summer of 2014.

2. Patrice Evra (AS Monaco to Manchester United, January 2006)
Through long negotiations, Manchester United finally managed to persuade Monaco to take off Patrice Evra with a transfer value of 7 million pounds ($ 118.66 billion) in January 2006. For eight and a half seasons along with Manchester United, he won15 trophies, including five Premier League titles and one Champions League.

Evra never won the trust of wearing Captain Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson trained. He put an end to kebersamaannya with The Red Devils after removed to Juventus in the summer of 2014.

For strengthened Manchester United, Evra records 379 appearances in all event. He scored 10 goals and 40 assists.

7 of the best Winter Transfer in the history of Premier League

3. Javier Mascherano (West Ham United to Liverpool, January 2007)
Liverpool got a shot of ammunition midfield in January 2007. Javier Mascherano from West Ham United with mahar 19 million pounds ($ 321 billion) and won as midfielder Xabi Alonso to accompany the anchor.

He was at the time, Carlos Tevez, struggling West Ham United saving from the threat of relegation, the fate of different felt Mascherano with Liverpool. He took The Reds cruised into the final of the Champions League 2006-2007, but failed to become the champion after losing 1-2 from AC Milan.

Gait Mascherano along Barcelona is short. Three and a half seasons later, Barcelonahijacked him from Liverpool with a transfer value of 17 million pounds ($ 287 billion).

4. Nemanja Vidic constantly (Spartak Moscow to Manchester United, January 2006)
Aside from Patrice Evra, Manchester United's Nemanja Vidic constantly to safe also to Old Trafford in January 2006. Defender of Serbian origin were bought from Spartak Moscow for 7.2 million pounds ($ 122 billion).

However, the difference between pick directly adaptable while Evra had had troublein the Premier League. Other similarities with Evra, Must never become the captain of The Red Devils until deciding to leave in July 2014. He notes 300 appearances inall competitions before she moved to Inter Milan.

A knee injury forced Must retire early. He decided a hanging shoe in January 2016.

5. Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea to Bolton Wanderers, January 2011)
Bolton Wanderers ought to be grateful to Daniel Sturridge. The reason, he was instrumental in helping Bolton Wanderers survived relegation in the Premier League season 2010-2011.

When taken care of Owen Coyle, Bolton Wanderers borrow Sturridge from Chelsea for six months or rather in January 2011. Sturridge demonstrates first scoring eight goals in 12 appearances.

7 of the best Winter Transfer in the history of Premier League

6. Gary Cahill (Bolton Wanderers to Chelsea, January 2012)
Chelsea will not regret his decision to recruit Gary Cahill from Bolton Wanderers in January 2012. In short, United Kingdom national team defender was able to performconsistent and so highlights The Blues in the heart of the defense.

Four months after it docked at Stamford Bridge, helping Chelsea win the direct Force of the Champions League for the first time in history or precisely in may 2012. Now, she became Deputy John Terry as captain of The Blues.

7. Mikel Arteta (Real Sociedad to Everton, January 2005)
Mikel Arteta is one of the best purchases of Everton. He would go home to Goodison Park in January 2005 with around only two million pounds or equivalent to Rp 33billion.

Arteta quickly became a General in midfield Everton. He brought in David Moyes's squad finish in position 4-large standings Premier League season 2005-2006. The Toffies even barely qualify to the Champions League for the first time in history, but it failed due to the realized lost to Villarreal in the play-off round.

Arteta spent six and a half seasons with Everton's uniform. He then moved to Arsenal with around 10 million pounds ($ 169 billion) in August 2011.

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