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Mourinho Is A Confirmation Of The Reasons Rooney Absent Opponent Chelsea

Manager Jose Mourinho says Manchester United, Defender Eric Bailly injury on a knee. Mourinho admitted worrying that severe injury Bailey.

"I was concerned the injury was severe. He suffered a knee injury, in the ligaments. Bailey felt cederanya it was very serious, "said Mourinho, as reported by the BBC, Sunday (23/10/2016).

Bailly was injured due to the clash with Chelsea, midfielder Eden Hazard, at about 52 minutes match Premier League at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (23/10/2016). Bailey, who played as a starter and then withdrawn and replaced Marcos Rojo.

Knee injury categories mild, such as a sprain, recovery takes about 1-7. In doing so, MU will likely play without Bailly on melawa League Cup match of Manchester City(27/10/2016) and match of the Premier League against Burnley (29/10/1999).

Mourinho Is A Confirmation Of The Reasons Rooney Absent Opponent Chelsea

The injury could be a serious problem Bailly for MU considering he always played full. Moreover, the current difficulties are THY victory often conceded.

In a match against Chelsea, MU lost 0-4. Goals were created by Pedro (1 '), Gary Cahill (21 '), Eden Hazard (62 '), and the N'Golo Kanté (70 ').

Throughout the game, according to the Premier League, all the action that's MU release five accurate shots from 16 attempts, with 56 percent of the possession. As for the Chelsea marksman shot six release of 14 experiments.

With the defeat of Chelsea, MU had a record that won twice and drew twice in the last five matches, with a record enter entry-6-6.

MU now sits seventh in the standings while the standings, with a value of 14 from nine matches. As for the top of the table is populated with the value 20 Manchester City, also from nine games.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, obstinately refused to divulge the contents of the whisper of Jose Mourinho after the 4-0 victory over Manchester United in the Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (23/10/2016).

Whisper occurs after referee Martin Atkinson blew the whistle sign the end of the match. Conte then immediately held the hands of Mourinho.

Mourinho Is A Confirmation Of The Reasons Rooney Absent Opponent Chelsea

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The Special One and then whisper the words to the ears of Conte. The look on the faces of Mourinho looks serious and seemingly harbored pique.

"Confidential Talks must remain confidential. If someone later finds out, no problem. However, for me the talk it will remain a secret, "said Conte.

Mourinho is reportedly upset with gestures that are deemed insulting to Conte himself after giving direction on The Blues supporters to applaud at the end of a match.Even so, Conte assess selebrasinya legitimate just because it is impressed by the appearance of the player.

"I asked the supporters gave a standing ovation to the cast because it has given the appearance of good. Their latak victory of 4-0 and it was normal, "said Conte.

"I don't regret those actions because we all live in emotion. If I want to prevent suchemotions, should I at home alone and change my job, "said Manager berpaspor Italy that.

The victory makes Chelsea rose to the position of the four with a value of 7 numbers. Meanwhile, MU had to be halted at the seventh position with a value of 14 numbers.

Captain Wayne Rooney absent defending Manchester City in a match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Sunday (23/10/2016). Manager Jose Mourinho confirmed that cast United Kingdom actor was injured.

Rooney suffered a thigh injury at the time undergoing practice sessions ahead of the match against Chelsea. However, the former Everton penggawa was actually already feel the pain while strengthening MU at a match against Fenerbahce in the Europa League on Wednesday (20/10/2016).

Rooney then played for 90 minutes and take Manchester United won the match by a score of 4-1. Roo successfully created one assists.

Mourinho Is A Confirmation Of The Reasons Rooney Absent Opponent Chelsea

"The injury, Rooney injury in a practice session before facing Chelsea," said Mourinho.

"He felt the injury against Fenerbahce. For the sake of playing for 90 minutes in those games. But in the end, he couldn't go to practice sessions, "he added.

Without reinforced Rooney, Manchester United surrendered a score of 0-4 againstChelsea. Pedro Rodriguez brings The Blues winning a match was only 30 seconds. The other three goals scored by Gary Cahill (21 '), Eden Hazard (62 '), and the N'GoloKanté (70 ').

The hosts under Manager Jose Mourinho, Wayne Rooney underwent a new role as an attacking midfielder. Nevertheless, the performance of Roo much get criticism.

He is considered to have no vision and abilities qualified as a midfielder. Roo's last full time strengthen THEE in the Premier league was in a match against Watford (82/9/2016).

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