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Join Zenit, Ivanovic is not Valediction with Colleagues at Chelsea?

Manchester United and Manchester City grabbed a different outcome in advancedgame Premier League 2016-2017, Wednesday (1/2/2017) or Thursday (2/2/2017) early morning GMT. Manchester United reaping one points, while Manchester City picking numbers maximum.

In a match at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester United Crow maximize position as host. The fleet was not able to break Jose Mourinho NET Hull City, despite the dominance in possession as well as the flow of the game.

Statistics released by the official website of the Premier League, Manchester United controlled the game with possession 67.1 per cent. In addition, Manchester Unitedwere able to send 6 shots on target, from 15 attempts, compared to the two belong to Hull City.

These statistics are in tune with the balls touch notes totaled 854 with 635 three. The guests are only capable of taking down ball and the touch of 314 526 bait.

Behind the result not maximal, Manchester United recorded achievements. Manchester United are noted as the oldest team is unbeatable this season. Manchester United recorded 7 WINS and 7 series.

Join Zenit, Ivanovic is not Valediction with Colleagues at Chelsea?

In the other match, Manchester City reap maximum results when the bend of West Ham United in the enclosure of the opponent with the score 4-0. Four goals were born via Kevin De Bruyne (17 '), David Silva (21 '), Jesus Gabriel (39 ') and penalty Yaya Touré (68 ').

The player later, Gabriel Jesus showed special performance. In the debut match, he scored one goal and one assist. It is recorded in the record in the Premier League, as the only player capable of scoring and assists on the game's debut.

Other special notes earned Stoke City bomber, Peter Crouch. One goal against Everton in the 7th minute, making the tall bomber collect the 100 golnya on the stage of the Premier League. Unfortunately, these goals should break even by suicide of Ryan Shawcross (39 ').

Two different obtained results of Manchester United and Manchester City, making competition in the Premier League this season is getting crowded. The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho was determined to bring a child asuhnya to the position of the big four, while Josep Guardiola is hoping his team can stick to Chelsea.

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, assessing the heaviest contenders Manchester United his team in the hunt for the Premier League title 2016-2017.

"I think the toughest rival Chelsea in the hunt for the title was Manchester United. This is because Manchester United has previously experienced the scoresheet after a bad start of the season, "said Hazard.

"They've got a great player and Manager. So, I don't think Manchester United will finish in second or third position, "said Belgium was thunderous.

Since losing 0-4 from Chelsea on October 23, 2016, Manchester United has yet to swallow the defeat in the Premier League. In 14 matches after that, Red Devils grabbed seven wins and seven draw.

The stylish appearance is directly proportional to the position of Manchester United in the standings table. Army Jose Mourinho is currently in sixth with 42 points.

Join Zenit, Ivanovic is not Valediction with Colleagues at Chelsea?

"Tottenham are also in a strong position. We lost against them, but for me still more dangerous because they are the Manchester United experience. That's myopinion, it's also possible I was wrong, "said Hazard.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is still firmly at the top of the standings with a value of 56. Origin of the West London Club were superior to nine the number of nearest rivals Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

The Defender later Zenit St Petersburg, Branislav Ivanovic, rumored Daily Mail on Wednesday (1/2/2017), haven't gotten around to say goodbyes to his fellow team-mates at Chelsea.

Branislav Ivanovic traveled to Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on Tuesday (31/1/2017) from Heathrow Airport, London, to conduct medical tests. At that time, the players Chelsea are currently in preparation for the match against Liverpool at Anfield Stadium.

Therefore, Ivanovic reportedly had no farewell by all players. Ivanovic will not returned to London and was officially merged with Zenit St Petersburg 1 February 2017.

The Serbian midfielder was signed lasted two and a half seasons. However, Zenit insert extension option for six months that will fulfill devotion Ivanovic into three years if their performance is good.

"I'm very glad to come here and be part of the Club of Zenit. I hope to be successful and have the hope to return to play in Russia, "said Ivanovic.

Moving to the Zenit end the relationship for nine years between Ivanovic with Chelsea. During use the number 2 back in Chelsea, Ivanovic recorded appeared in 337 matches and scored 34 goals in various event.

Branislav Ivanovic also credited offered nine trophies to Chelsea, including the title of UEFA Champions League 2011-2012. However, Ivanovic had to leave because there is not many get the chance to play under Manager Antonio Conte.

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