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Philippe Coutinho Difficult Stopped Opposing Defender

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola had a long series of history. Even so, his former best friend has the same fate on the match this weekend.

Jose Mourinho led Manchester United to visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the ninth week of Premier League action Sunday (23/10/2016).

This duel at once became the pageant reunites Mourinho shared The Blues. Three Premier League titles, three League Cup title United Kingdom, and one FA Cup trophy being the Mou for squads London blue.

The Manager of the origin of this Portugal became a symbol of Chelsea when the transition from the Club mid-table Championship was a candidate in the Premier League in every season. But as befits a story, if there is then there is always the beginning of the end.

When undergoing a period of both deal with Chelsea, Manager of the origin of Portugal must be stepped down from his post in December 2015. It cannot be separated from the sequence of bad results obtained squads London blue.

Philippe Coutinho Difficult Stopped Opposing Defender

Now, open a new sheet of Jose Mourinho alongside Manchester United early in theseason, 2016-2017. The sequence of the achievements of Mourinho be capital to revive the Red Devils.

Your status is also the participants of the Premier League, making Mourinho couldn't avoid the encounter with Chelsea currently handled by Antonio Conte.

For the first time since December 2015, Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge with the status of the opponent. But the Manager must receive unsatisfactory results afterhis team was humiliated by a score of 4-0.

The four-goal Chelsea into the game's first minute and Pedro, Gary Cahill 21 minutes later, Eden Hazard 62 minutes, and minutes to the N'Golo Kanté-70.

The defeat made Manchester United are now stranded in the standings while sevenranking Premier League with elections caused 14 points. They left behind five digits from Chelsea who inhabit the four positions.

On the same weekend but different competitions, Pep Guardiola who currently deal with Manchester City first feel what felt by Mourinho. Barcelona lead City clash withBarcelona at Camp Nou in their third group C match of the Champions League, October 20, 2016.

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Philippe Coutinho Difficult Stopped Opposing Defender

Have fond memories when still active playing and sitting in a Chair coach Barcelona,obviously cannot be repeated that Spain shared origin of Man City. The Citizens made powerless and succumbed 0-4 from Los Cules.

This event became one of the unique event that occurs on the football field, where in one weekend there are two world class manager who suffered defeat by the samescore from former club they've ever drive to the ladder of success.

Liverpool Defender Joel Matip, reasonable rate if the West Bromwich Albion Defender trouble keeping Philippe Coutinho when the two teams meet in the Premier League, advanced game Saturday (22/10/1999). According to him, the appearance of Coutinho while practicing and match the same.

Coutinho scored one goal when Liverpool a 2-1 win over West Bromwich Albion. One goal, Liverpool's other printed Sadio Mane, while the WBA goal written Gareth McAuley.

"If you're one on one face of Philippe in exercise, that situation was about the same as you see in the field. It is very difficult to keep him, "said Matip.

"Among the most remarkable Control and he often do things extraordinary. Against West Bromwich is not easy, but we can win. We know it must be fought in a match like this. So, we're glad to grab the three points, "he added.

In the summer of 2016-2017, Coutinho has already scored five goals and three assists in 10 games in all the event. Total, Coutinho has been incised 33 goals and 31 assists of 155 matches since joining Liverpool in 2013.

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