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Jose Mourinho Feels Humiliated by Antonio Conte

Ending Chelsea's Manager, Antonio Conte, during his team's 4-0 win over Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, making Jose Mourinho was upset. Manager MU was rumored Sky Sports feel humiliated by Conte.

Melakoni the ninth Premier League weekend matches Sunday (23/10/2016) night EST, MU made no real. Lowering his best squad including playing Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba, The Red Devils succumbed 0-4 of The Blues.

The four-goal Chelsea into the game's first minute and Pedro, Gary Cahill 21 minutes later, Eden Hazard 62 minutes, and minutes to the N'Golo Kanté-70. This result was at once made The Blues extend their dominance over MU in eight of the last matches in the Premier League, which is four victories and four draw.

Meanwhile, Manchester United failed to achieve victory in the last three matches in the League. Before their 1-draw cons Stoke City on October 2, 2016, as well as anequally strong results 0-0 against Liverpool, 18 October 2016.

Jose Mourinho Feels Humiliated by Antonio Conte

When the whistle goes off long action signs, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte exchanged be shaken. Any unique moments occur when Mourinho whisper something to the Conte before entering the locker room players.

Unknown for sure what original the Portugal Manager spoken to Conte. However, a number of media in Italy alerts you if Mourinho was not happy with the action of Antonio Conte when celebrating touchdowns Kanté.

"You can't celebrate a goal like that when won 4-0, you can do it when it won 1-0, ending the embarrassing additionally create us," said Mourinho claims based media in Italy.

When Jose Mourinho was reluctant to explicate confirmed to the public related to what he was saying to Antonio Conte. "That's my affair with Antonio, not with you. Of course I will not reveal what I'm talking about. I talked to Antonio, not with you. I'm sorry, "Mourinho said as reported by the Daily Mail.

Jose Mourinho related complaints celebrate Antonio Conte is the wrong target. This is because Mourinho for this is known as coaches often do celebrate excessively when asuhnya scored a goal, or a reach for victory.

One of them has ever done The Special One when Chelsea win 2-0 over Liverpool in a match of the weekend to-36 Premier League 2013-2014 in the Anfield Stadium, 27th April 2014. At that time, Jose Mourinho celebrated his goal Willian in the 90 + 4 out of the area and leads to the official supporter of The Blues.

Chelsea beat Manchester United (MU) 4-0 in a match of the ninth Premier League weekend advanced 2016-2017, at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (23/10/2016).

Chelsea determined goal Pedro Rodriguez (1), Gary Cahill (21 '), Eden Hazard (62 '), and the N'Golo Kanté (70 ').

Jose Mourinho Feels Humiliated by Antonio Conte

An additional three points it makes Chelsea rose to the position of four standings while the Premier League with 19 points, while the value of MU remained in seventhwith 14 collection sequence numbers.

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Here is a interesting facts in those games:

1. Lose 0-4 from Chelsea became Jose Mourinho's largest minor results in the Premier League. Biggest defeat Mourinho previously happened in La Liga while Real Madrid 5-0 surrender of Barcelona in November 2010.

2. Manchester United the last time losing by a score of more than four goals in an away game in the Premier League occurred in 1999. When the Red Devils 0-5 subjectof Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

3. This victory adds to the long list of undefeated Chelsea against Manchester United in domestic competition (4 WINS, 4 draws).

4. Only at the 2014-2015 season Manchester United collected the lowest points in nine matches the early Premier League i.e. 13 figures. THY this season collecting 14 points from nine matches early.

5. Chelsea Midfielder Eden Hazard, equalling the nicks touchdown last season at nine early Premier League match, i.e. amounts to four goals.

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