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Jose Mourinho Got A New Enemy?

The Liverpool midfielder, Joel Matip, assessing a 2-1 victory over West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League action, Saturday (22/10/2016), it will be a big motivationto face the next game.

Liverpool Manchester United face Tottenham Hotspur in the League Cup, United Kingdom, Wednesday (27/10/1999). Three days later, Liverpool will be a trip to Selhurst Park, the home of Crystal Palace, on the weekend of the 10th match of the Premier League.

"It's hard to play against a team like West Bromine but we won. We know when undergoing a match like this, you have to fight for every ball so we're happy with the three points, "said Matip.

Jurgen Klopp had praised Matip performing pretty well keep the defense in those games. Related to that compliment, Matip said, "of course, as a player, you always want to not concede. However, the main thing is the victory. "

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Jose Mourinho Got A New Enemy?

"Yes, we survived it well. However, we know this team is very good in the situation the ball is dead. We will improve the capabilities and on the next game hopefully they no longer got the situation, "he added.

Thanks to victory over West Bromwich Albion, Liverpool is now ranked three standings while elections caused the Premier League with 20 points. They just lost goal difference from Manchester City who are in the top position.

Chelsea, Eden Hazard, assessing the victory 4-0 over Manchester United (MU), at Stamford Bridge, The Blues squad making increasingly confident live Premier League 2016-2016. Different things delivered a Juan Mata said the landslide defeat, it felt very painful.

Goals Chelsea scored in the first minute and Pedro, Gary Cahill (21 '), Hazard (62 '), and the N'Golo Kanté (70 '). This result made Chelsea climbed to rank four standingswith 19 points, just a few single digits from Manchester City in the first position.

"This victory gives us great confidence. We initiate the action well and deserve victory. This is all for the supporters and the players. This afternoon is very beautiful, "said Hazard.

"This is also an important match because we've lost two big clubs this season, namely against Liverpool and Arsenal. So, this victory means so much to the supporters, "said Belgium was thunderous.

Despite losing, MU still ranked seventh with 14 points. Juan Mata any hope THY cansoon rise to correct position in the standings.

Jose Mourinho Got A New Enemy?

"It's become a difficult afternoon because we get results that are extremely painful. It all felt bad since the first goal early on. "After we tried to create chances and scored, we even conceded the second goal," said.

The doings of the unique Jose Mourinho in the Premier League scene continues. After the defeat of four goals without reply from Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Sunday(23/10/2016), Manager of the origin of Portugal is seen whispering to Antonio Conte. The whisper any trigger new competition between Mourinho with managers whodeal with the Premier League club.

Figure Mourinho could not escape the controversy. He has always been a fascination and a delicious meal the crew of media want to highlight the vagaries of the Act.As a manager who brought The Blues into true champions, he wanted to demonstrate to the public that the Stamford Bridge team from him still more superior over Chelsea.

In fact, the Mou should accept his team lost by a score of 4-0. Not only that, Chelsea really outperformed United through discipline in surviving and mengekspoitasi counteroffensive. These strategies usually patrolled Mou at any club that he signed, including Chelsea.

A more effective strategy of Conte apparently made Against irritation. It is compounded with the overflow of emotions Conte each The Blues managed to score a goal.After the match, Mourinho ever mengonfrontasi Conte in Italy with offensive language celebration conducted original Manager Italy.

Jose Mourinho Got A New Enemy?

"You can celebrate like that when the position 1-0, but if you're still doing it when the position was already 4-0, then you won't appreciate the Manager of the opposing team," Mourinho said as reported by the media-media United Kingdom.

After hearing the statements of Mourinho, Conte looks like to provide answers, butthe Manager of the Mou thus hurried walk to the locker room hallway.

The vagaries of potentially triggering a new dispute Mourinho with Conte. But it is not the first to be done by him. When the Chelsea Manager, Mou impressed ' collect' the enemy through statements and behavior. Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson, Rafael Benitez, Alan Pardew and several other names had been an opponent of the Mou in the Premier League.

Currently, Jose Mourinho still keep the dispute with Wenger. However, the enemy could grow given the Mou tingkahnya against Conte and also sindirannya to the Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp, some time ago.

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