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Iheanacho: Manchester City Should Soon Rise

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger revealed the requirement for his team to win the Premier League. According to Wenger, The Gunners grabbed a mandatory 82 pointsor more to win the Premier League this season.

In the last three seasons the clubs that won the Premier League in average points above 80.

Manchester City which won the Premier League in the season of 2013-2014 amassed 86 points. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Leicester City who seized the throne in the standings the next season grabbed each of 87 and 81 points.

The Gunners are consistently in the top-tier Premier League last time grabbing the82 points in the season 2007-2008. When it London Merian Squads to be satisfied being ranked third below Chelsea and MU who at the end of the season to become champions.

Iheanacho: Manchester City Should Soon Rise

In this season's Premier League competition getting tougher. The top three teams compete in the Premier League standings, while the 2016-2017 scoring 20 points. A third of the Club was Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal are in a row was in the position of one to three.

"The leading three teams currently have 20 points. This competition is yet to determined the final points with estimated 82 to 86 points. Every game is a battle, that means we need to really focus on every detail of the match, "said Wenger.

"We have the crucial months ahead, including at the end of October and Novembercan be a crucial moment for us. Injured players will be back and will all play a role inthe team, "he said.

In the last match of Arsene Wenger's squad play 0-draw face Middlesbrough in the ninth Premier League weekend matches, Saturday (22/10/1999). After the game, Arsenal will be a trip to Sunderland on Saturday (29/10/1999).

Bornermouth AFC quarterback, Jack Wilshere, revealing the reason for moving fromArsenal in the transfer of early season 2016-2017. United Kingdom origin players itprofesses to want more opportunities to play.

"Sometimes when you are at a top Club and you spent most of career there by playing on weekdays and on weekends it is a form of a comfort zone," said Wilshere.

Iheanacho: Manchester City Should Soon Rise

"For me to come here and feel the difference from Premier League side where you have to fight for everything, striving to gain points and working as a team, it is my attempt to escape from the comfort zone," he added.

Since the senior squad since Barcelona inhabit season 2008-2009, Wilshere is oftenstruggling with injury. United Kingdom-born midfielder last season it was even the only appear three times due to injury to crack leg bones.

In addition to the injury factor, the competition in the first team squad into a stand for Wilshere. The 24-year-old player had to compete with Santi Cazorla, Granit Xhaka, Aaron Ramsey, Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny for core place in sector centre.

These things are becoming a major factor of the midfielder finally decided on at the beginning of Bornemouth receiving season. Wilshere moved from Arsenal on loan until the end of the 2016-2017 season.

"I don't play for 90 minutes over the last two years. It was a quite a long time in onegame and when you start back playing for that long, you will gain the confidence that again, "he said.

"I always work hard in practice, but you can't get fitness intact unless you play in a game," said Wilshere.

Jack Wilshere became an essential element for The Cherries squad. So far, the 24-year-old midfielder has played in eight matches and bring Bornemouth is ranked 10thwhile Premier League standings 2016-2017.

Manchester City striker Kelechi Iheanacho, disappointed, with a 1-draw which earned his team when facing Southampton at Etihad Stadium on advanced match Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (23/10/2016). Even so, Iheanacho optimistic The Citizens will soon rise again in the next match.

Iheanacho: Manchester City Should Soon Rise

"City back lost points in the Premier League and it is a very great loss. But it's a football match, you don't know what's going to happen when you play, "said Iheanacho.

"Everyone put high hopes on to our team, but we're only human. We are the players who can do a mistake and lost in a game, "he said.

City Defender, John Stones do a fatal blunder which bore goals for Southampton. The stones do a back pass responsibility which fell at the feet of Nathan Redmond. He then menggocek goalkeeper Claudio Bravo and placed the ball into the empty goal.

Iheanacho derived Pep at the start of the second half became a hero to the City. Spurn the first time the 20-year-old Player was on 55 minutes to subdue the Soton goalkeeper Fraser Forster, to make the score 1-draw which held out until the game is over.

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