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Official Ian Ayre Leave Liverpool

Ian Ayre officially resigned his position as CEO of Liverpool is Liverpool after servingfor 10 years.

The President of Fenway Sports Group (FSG), Mike Gordon, confirm if Ayre from Liverpool will leave more quickly than previously determined.

"Although this term transition almost takes a year, to be honest this is a difficultday. We officially say goodbye to Ian, "says Mike Gordon.

Since inhabit managerial ranks as of 1 July 2007, Ian Ayre is the important figure behind the success of Liverpool. The policy of the financial and commercial rights, make Liverpool back into a club that counts.

Hodgson on the brink of bankruptcy while still held George Gillet and Tom Hicks in 2010. However, Ian Ayre was able to save financial coffers after successful lobbyingparties FSG to buy majority stake in Liverpool.

Thanks to her role, many of the parties assess the Liverpool will lose the charismaticfigure. According to Gordon, Ian is a visionary leader figure.

Official Ian Ayre Leave Liverpool

"No doubt if the leadership of Ian in Liverpool, has plays a major role for the Betterment of the Club when we took over. This is a measure of the character of Ian and his commitment to Liverpool, "said Gordon.

"We were able to collectively plan and implement things gradually. It was a natural transition. On the level of work and personally, Ian would have sorely missed, "said Gordon.

Even though it has a lot of positive things, policy Ian Ayre often give rise to polemics. Original United Kingdom figures it's got praise when he brought several players capable of classy like Luis Suarez, Philippe Coutinho, until James Milner to Anfield.

However, Ian Ayre also often gets criticism because of a mistaken policy question assessed the transfer of players. However, Ian confessed it was her decision if variouscounts are done.

"For me, with Liverpool will always be more than just a job because I have an emotional attachment on this place. Every decision I have ever taken, is the best for Liverpool, "said Ayre.

Development of a Ayre performed last in Liverpool is to renovate the main tribune in Anfield Stadium in 2016.

The Manchester United midfielder, Ander Herrera pour heart's content after the Magpies to-100 costumed Devil red. He claimed to have mixed feelings kala past the milestone records along with Manchester United.

Like released Manchester Evening News (MEN), Friday (3/2/107), Herrera noted appearance to-100 along with Manchester United, while Hull City meets on the 2nd Leg of the semi-final of the League Cup, United Kingdom. In that time he played 90 minutes, and managed to take Manchester United into the final round.

Herrera admitted proud, excited and almost could not believe it could pass the record 100 party along with a team of Manchester United. After the Hull City game cons,middle of the week yesterday, Herrera has already reaped 102 appearances in all event competition.

"It was great, fantastic!. Playing more than 100 matches alongside the biggest clubsin the United Kingdom is amazing. I'm very excited, and I think can now enjoy everymatch. But, I don't want to just stop at the 100 figures, "says Herrera.

Official Ian Ayre Leave Liverpool

Herrera promised would bring Manchester United reaping at least one trophy at the end of a season later. Up the way wide open, because Manchester United are already in the League Cup final United Kingdom. Manchester United are still a chance to grab the Trophy winner in other competitions, including Premier League 2016-2017.

"I want to continue to play with the Club. I worked hard for a fantastic season. I will try to give the maximum of the Championship title, and everything is now about Manchester United, "stated Herrera.

In particular, since the costumed Manchester United, Ander Herrera melakoni 73 appearances in Premiership. He recorded 9 goals, 39 victories and 15 defeats. He sent90 shots, with 17 of them right on target.

All defending Manchester United, Herrera was able to transform her appearance. He could serve as quarterback cutter attack your opponent. The evidence he was able to do a 180 tekel, with 71 percent accuracy level.

Herrera was able to perform the block 37, 139 intersep 391 times and reclaim the ball had gone out of control. Such changes cannot be separated from the desire of Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho.

"I know what he wants from me. We have a close relationship, and I seek the maximum. I often make mistakes, but most importantly is what earned the Club, "said Herrera.

Now, Ander Herrera admitted steadily worked his way up alongside Manchester United. In fact, on several occasions, the 27-year-old player want to close his career with Manchester United.

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