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Wenger Is Still Annoyed, Arsenal Reject Call Home Jack Wilshere

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, answer tudingan Jose Mourinho who think if it gets special treatment although Klopp protested loudly against match officials.

In the match between Manchester United and Hull City, Mourinho again made newsby refusing the post-match interview sessions. Then, Mourinho felt upset because felt treated differently by other managers in the Premier League.

"I feel the Commission of discipline provide different rules for me. I don't want to talk too much, because they will give you a large fine to me, more than any other manager who gets a similar sentence, "said Mourinho.

Origin of the Portugal Manager statement out because the Klopp did not receive any punishment after making protest loudly against the match officials at the match Liverpool against Chelsea.

Wenger Is Still Annoyed, Arsenal Reject Call Home Jack Wilshere

Klopp ever gave a response to protests done Mourinho.

"I agree if the club managers have to respect match officials. But events like that is inevitable when a game is in high bertensi. However, the Manager remains mortal, "explained Klopp.

"I don't mind to pay a fine because of the action. A Manager worth fined if they react in excess. It is painful but it is an appropriate punishment, "said the Manager of the origin of Germany.

Currently, Klopp preparing his team for the away match to Hull City at the weekend of the 24th Premier League (4/2/2017). Liverpool is still trying to get the first victoryin the Premier League after entering into 2017.

Arsenal has no plans return Jack Wilshere. Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger Wilshere asserted, will not be back, at least until the beginning of next season.

As the site of the Club, was released Friday (3/2/2017), Wenger admitted Arsenal suffered a shortage of experienced ' energy ' in the middle area. Current conditions become very important, as were Chelsea, Liverpool at the stadium of Stamford Bridge, the Premier League continued action in 2016-2017.

Two injury a midfielder, namely Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla. The other two should be absent with different reasons.

Wenger Is Still Annoyed, Arsenal Reject Call Home Jack Wilshere

Granit Xhaka is undergoing the punishment due to the red card. While Mohamed Elneny were competed at the African Cup in 2017. Inevitably, Wenger has only a row of young players led by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The situation made some Parties expressed a sense of worry, even though Wengerdismissed such doubts. These conditions are related, among the journalists asking the possibility of calling home Jack Wilshere.

Alas, Wenger was reluctant to respond to it, and for him it was no longer an option for Jack Wilshere. "No, she will not be back. I agree lent it for a year, "statedWenger.

Melakoni status of loan Wilshere along Bournemouth since August last year. Wilshere was once a part of Arsenal with nicks 12 goals in 159 matches in all tournaments.

Wenger revealed related problems still keep Wilshere's behaviour over the past year. "We cannot push it out, because he wanted to go to a place to play, and I agree. Wilshere go because seeing tough competition in the central area, "said Wenger.

When deciding to go, Wilshere never reveals itself does not have any problem withArsenal, Arsene Wenger, too. Wilshere is convinced that someday will return to Arsenal.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger revealed some homework before his team meetsChelsea in the Premier League continued action 2016-2017, at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (4/2/2017).

One of which became the focus of Wenger is Arsenal midfield. Wenger admits Arsenal are going through a crisis in penggawa kitchen area attacks. The current situation could describe a condition prone Arsenal at the ball flow Center area.

Wenger Is Still Annoyed, Arsenal Reject Call Home Jack Wilshere

Midfielder Aaron Ramsey is still struggling with an injury that was obtained when the met Watford. Ramsey's absence would at least three weeks. Granit Xhaka are melakoni punishment, Santi Cazorla's injury and Mohamed Elneny Middle stint defending his country's African Nations Cup in 2017.

The result, Arsenal would work hard choosing the composition of the central area. Understandably, is not an easy job for the quarterback to hold off Arsenal midfielderChelsea creations.

At least, tommyimage Marcos Alonso, Willian, Victor Moses, Nemanja Matic, Eden Hazard and N'Golo Kanté, cannot be instant with the player solely relying on physical contact. But Wenger is optimistic can find the best way.

"Yes, we only have limited stock in the central area, and I think it should use the services of the young players," stated Wenger.

Speech Wenger refers to several young children who already deserve regular minutes in every game. The Professor mentions several players capable of battled in the middle area, such as Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alex Iwobi.

"We keep making the Composition balanced. That means, we are prepared to faceChelsea, "Wenger said.

For Arsenal, the counter Chelsea Bridge action pressing the opponents. Chelsea is currently ranked at the top the standings while Premiership 2016-2017 with a collection of 56 points. The earnings figures from nine litigating Arsenal.

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