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Opponents Tottenham, Klopp expect much to Danny Ings

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea Manager hadto whisper, Antonio Conte, after the Red Devils are subject 0-4 in the ninth Premier League weekend matches, at Stamford Bridge, Sunday (23/10/2016).

Chelsea determined goal Pedro (1 '), Gary Cahill (21 '), Eden Hazard (62 '), and theN'Golo Kanté. According to the BBC, this was the largest defeat Mourinho in the Premier League.

After the pertadingan, Mourinho approached Conte looks to shake hands. However,in the midst of activity that, Mourinho had a chance to say something to the Contebefore entering a hallway locker.

When the whisper of the content is confirmed, Mourinho said only, "I am not a man who wanted to divide a few things between me and Antonio. It's just between me and him, unless he wanted to tell. "

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Opponents Tottenham, Klopp expect much to Danny Ings

Any expressed opinions at Conte. "When there is a private conversation, it should still be personal. I have great respect for Jose. He is a great Manager and he has won a lot of titles here, "he said.

Despite the two managers have been reluctant to comment much, according to European media, whisper it contains displeasure Against ending against Conte when celebrating touchdowns Kanté. Mourinho considers ending Conte until the exit area official as embarrassing.

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, became the victim of ridicule a number of netizens in social media after the Red Devils are subject 0-4 from Chelsea, on follow-up action, the Premier League at Stamford Bridge, Sunday(23/10/2016).

Account owner @FootyHumour, for example, featuring moving image Mourinho was looking for something in his jacket. In the caption, @FootyHumour wrote, "Mourinho was trying to find Bill Paul Pogba."

Throughout the match, Paul Pogba does look not showing the best game on the field. According to Squawka, just remove the two Pogba improper kick led to Chelsea'sgoal.

Meanwhile, the account owner @Xudipta_kd iconic images pass by Iniesta insinuated when original Manager Portugal it like mengeker something. @Xupidipta_kd, wrote, "today, #CHEMU Jose Mourinho seeking a goal like this."

Not just a netizen, world football stars ever undertook to comment on Mourinho's failure to grab the subject points. The former Chelsea player, Eidur Godjhonsen, for examplewho wrote, "Jose still know how removing the ability of the best Chelsea. #CHEMUN. "

Opponents Tottenham, Klopp expect much to Danny Ings

Chelsea determined goal Pedro (1 '), Gary Cahill (21 '), Eden Hazard (62 '), and theN'Golo Kanté. These results make it increasingly bad record adds MU having neverwon in 11 matches last up Chelsea.

This defeat makes MU does not depart from the seventh rank standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with 14 points from nine matches. Meanwhile, Chelsea climbed to fourth place with 19 points.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, claims to be happy with the progression of the condition of the Danny Ings that recently recovered from injury.

Ings joined Liverpool from Leeds in the summer of 2015. However, the contribution of the 24-year-old player judged to have not been fullest because of injury. The latest, long-absent Ings due to a knee injury.

In the summer of 2016-2017, Klopp decided to play the Ings into Liverpool under-23 squads. Its development is quite good because the Ings are capable of forming four goals in four Premier League matches 2.

According to media-media United Kingdom, Ings could appear when Liverpool faceTottenham Hotspur in the League Cup at Anfield, United Kingdom, on Tuesday (25/10/1999). Any hope the Ings Klopp can play well at those games.

"He (Ings) suffered injuries for quite a while, but he's already fit. Now, everything isgoing well. He lived a situation like this perfectly, and now it's all going to depend on itself, "said Klopp.

"He was a good man and a great player. He will be the extra power (main) squad forLiverpool, "said Klopp.

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